• Mother Markhabokhon Shakhidi
  • Children and we
  • 2014 T. Shakhidi Philipp Mackenzie
  • Valery Shkarupa, Dushanbe, 2014
  • Khachaturian note to Tolib Shakhidi - Your time is precious
  • Shostakovich note to Tolib Shakhidi's father Ziyadullo
  • Yuri Ter Osipov - first teacher
  • Aram Khachaturian and Tolib Shakhidi (1972)
  • Mark Ermler
  • Ziyedullo Shakhidi Tolib Shakhidi and Maxim Shostakovich (1976)
  • Andrey Eshpay and Tolib Shakhidi (1967)
  • Valery Gergiev and Tolib Shakhidi (1984)
  • Yo Yo Ma and Tolib Shakhidi (2002)
  • Tolib Shakhidi and Bijan Khadem Missagh (Austria 2004)
  • Conductor Zahid Khaknazarov
  • Maya Plisetskaya Rodion Shedrin Tolib Shakhidi and Igor Federov
  • Tolib Shakhidi with Valery Shkarupa
  • Genadiy Tolstenko and Tolib Shakhidi
  • Roman Ledenov and Genady Tolstenko with Tolib Shakhidi
  • Alexey Kudryashov Vazgen Vartanian and Tolib Shakhidi
  • Alexey Kudryashov Vazgen Vartanian and Tolib Shakhidi
  • Vazgen Vartanian Andrey Eshpay Kiril Volkov and Tolib Shakhidi
  • Djivan Gasparian and Tolib Shakhidi

  • «In Tolib Shakhidi's music there is a voice of a spiritually rich man, a highly sensitive philosopher, who responds to everything that takes place in the world»

    Galina Kuznecova
    Doctor of Art

  • Tolib Shakhidi is a highly talented composer. His works expose the essence of the artist in an unusually bright manner. He expresses his musical idea with great perfection. The whole material is outstandingly worked out, orchestral script brilliantly written and architectonics followed in amazing detail.

    Andrei Eshpai

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